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What to Look Out For When Evaluating a Stairlift

  • If a stairlift is hauled up and down the stairs with a cable or rope it will be noisy, the ride will be rough with jarring and it will be oily, leaving a black oily sludge marks on your stairs.
  • If a stairlift has a trailing electrical main cable, it is AC powered, which means it will also be unreliable in the case of power outages. In addition, these have the potential to electrocute, not to mention the high cost of hiring a professional electrician to install it and the city permits required before installation can begin.
  • If the stairlift does not have a swivel seat you will have to dismount on a stair. This could be very dangerous.
  • If the stairlift does not have a rack and pinion driven motor it will be noisy, lack durability and be prone to multiple service problems.
  • If a stairlift is built for price, abrupt stopping and starting is common.
  • If a stairlift is not DC powered, the ride will not be as smooth and could leave you stranded in the case of a power outage.
  • If a stairlift does not have a built in over speed governor (OSG) you are not protected from an uncontrolled quick descent in the event of a major drive system failure. A system failure will result in the stairlift plummeting to the foot of the stairway with terrible consequences.
  • If a stairlift does not have a built-in-diagnostic system and something goes wrong you would not be able to figure out how to correct the problem without a costly home visit.
  • Many stairlifts are complicated, difficult to operate and look like a piece of ugly machinery.
  • If the stair is operated solely with a remote, you would be stranded if you lost the remote or if the stairlift malfunctioned.
  • Poorly made stairlifts are flimsy, have frequent service problems and are abundantly available. However, when you need help from the service department it is a scarce commodity.
  • Many stairlifts install the rail into your wall not on the stairs, and have a stationary seat, arm rest and foot rests that don't fold out of the way.