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DC Power Supply

Acorn stairlifts are powered by direct current (DC) supplied by rechargeable batteries. These deliver smooth, ultra quiet and safe ride quality. The batteries are maintenance free and charged by a safe 15 volt AC power source which is stepped down from the domestic home power supply with a transformer. There is no need to hire an expensive electrician as the transformer is simply plugged into the wall. Works even in a power outage so you'll never be stranded. The power supply is onboard the stairlift itself so there will not be the dangerous wires trailing behind your carriage like many of our competitors. Because there are no external trailing wires trailing behind you there is no danger of an electrocution. Battery operation eliminates the loud noisy functions like with our competitors lifts. It also allows us to build a soft start and soft stop function. Other stairlifts start and stop with a jerk. There is no lurching forward or shaking as you go like so many of our competitors. Our ride is safe, stable, smooth and ultra quiet.

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